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Products of various shapes, specifications and power can be designed according to customer needs; various heating circuits can also be made according to the requirements of heating workpieces. For example, some circuits can be required to be heated, and some circuits can be used as insulation partners. hot special product

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Winter is a big problem for the storage of a large amount of liquid medicines and patient infusion in the north. Liquid medicines are often frozen due to freezing, which wastes the hospital and affects the needs of patients for treatment. Inputting a large amount of low-temperature liquid will cause hypothermia damage to the patient. Severe cases can lead to death.

Silicone rubber heaters have many advantages that make them suitable for use in medical systems. In daily life, it is customary to wrap the silicone rubber heaters outside the container containing liquid medicines, and the silicone rubber heaters are used in medical systems. It has the following advantages: first, the silicone rubber is soft, so it can be closely attached to the medicine container; second, the silicone rubber heater is surface-like heating, and the temperature is uniform (usually 40-60 degrees, and additional temperature control can be added according to demand). Third, the silicone rubber heater is non-toxic, all materials are ROHS certified, it is an explosion-proof heater, and it will not cause harm to the human body; fourth, the design of the silicone rubber heater It is in line with IEC international electrical standards, and the heating wire has a certain creepage distance to the edge, so there will be no leakage; fifth, the silicone rubber heater is made by vulcanizing two pieces of silicone rubber through high temperature and high pressure, and then the power lead part is vulcanized. Sixth, the silicone rubber heater is wear-resistant, aging-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, and is often used in some harsh environments, such as in medical systems, which can greatly prolong its service life

It can be customized according to the various medical needs of customers.

1 HS Code851680000

2 Sample Lead Time: 3-5 days

3 Bulk Lead Time

                1000pcs——Around 7 days

                5000pcs——Around 15 days

                10000pcs——Around 20 days

                50000 pcs—— Around 25 days

4 MOQ1 pc


6 Payment Terms: TT / Paypal/ L/C /

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