RDB heater

RDB series enclosure heaters are standard sized silicone rubber heaters factory vulcanized to the black anodized Aluminum plates in the factory. The Alu plates are light, corrosion resistant and good for radiational heat transfer. Compared to other type of anti condensation heaters, silicone heating plates have the following advantages:Pre-drilled standard mounting holes, easy installationHermetically sealed heating element, avoid problem of oxidationLow surface temperature, touch safeDouble

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The electric cabinet dehumidification heater is made of a 1.5mm thick aluminum plate (electroplating black paint) aluminum plate and a silicone rubber electric heating plate that is molded into a body. The product has uniform heating and heat dissipation, long service life and good appearance. It is a suitable heating and dehumidifying device for temperature and humidity controllers. Electric cabinet dehumidification heaters, also known as dehumidifiers, can be used for heating and thermal insulation of various cabinets and boxes. Such as: switch cabinets, communication cabinets, lighting cabinets, anti-condensation boxes, computer chassis, etc.

Rated voltage: 220V can be customized

Dielectric strength: 2000V/min

Insulation resistance: 50MΩ

Continuous use temperature: -60℃~+250

This product has good insulation and beautiful appearance.

 The heating element of this product is a neatly arranged nickel-chromium alloy resistance wire, with a heating block, uniform heating and long service life.

The aluminum plate assists heat dissipation and prolongs the service life of the product.

Easy to install.

1 HS Code851680000

2 Sample Lead Time: 2-3 days

3 Bulk Lead Time:≤ 1000pcs——Around 5 days

                5000pcs——Around 10 days

                10000pcs——Around 15 days

                50000 pcs—— Around 20 days

4 MOQ1 pc


6 Payment Terms: TT / Paypal/ L/C

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