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The silicone rubber pipeline heating plate is mainly composed of a nickel-chromium alloy etched heating plate and a silicone rubber high-temperature insulating cloth. It heats up quickly, has a uniform temperature, and has high thermal efficiency. The way of wrapping and covering can be flexibly adjusted according to the needs of customers. The product has good toughness, pressure resistance and abrasion resistance. It is easy to use, safe, waterproof, and can maintain its working state even in

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Using the gas and liquid transported by pipeline, in order to avoid condensation in the gas pipeline or particle accumulation in the pump pipeline, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature of the pipeline system is evenly covered due to the poor electrical conductivity of stainless steel, the thermal mass of the pipeline components and many other factors. , gas and pump lines present unique thermal challenges.

To increase process yield and reduce unplanned downtime, thermal insulators alone cannot do the job effectively. A well-controlled supplemental heating system must be employed to achieve uniform temperature coverage.

Adapt to the environment:

◆ The heating, mixing and heat preservation of pipes, tanks, towers, and tanks of industrial equipment in humid and non-explosive gas situations can be directly wrapped on the surface of the heated part during use;

◆ Refrigeration protection and auxiliary heating of air-conditioning compressors, motors, submersible pumps and other equipment;

◆ Medical equipment such as blood analyzers, test tube heaters, health care shapewear, body-shaping belts to compensate for heat, etc.

technical parameter:

◆ High temperature resistance of insulating material: 250℃

◆ High operating temperature: 200℃

◆ Insulation resistance: ≥100 MΩ

◆ Compressive strength: 1500v/1min

◆ Power deviation: ±5 %

◆ Withstand voltage: > 2500v.


Our duct heaters have the following features:

Achieving uniform temperature distribution over the entire heating line

Easy to install, easy to disassemble, reusable

All materials used are flame retardant

Energy saving and thermal insulation

Does not generate dust particles

Materials, heaters and controls meet UL standards

Maintains its working condition even in harsh outdoor environments

Power: designed according to customer requirements. 

Installation options: screw holes can be opened, tapes on both sides, spring buckles, or glued in our factory.

1 HS Code851680000

2 Sample Lead Time: 3-5 days

3 Bulk Lead Time

                500pcs——Around 20 days

                1000pcs——Around 25 days

                2000pcs——Around 30 days

                ≥ 5000 pcs—— Around 35 days

4 MOQ1 pc


6 Payment Terms: TT / Paypal/ L/C /

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