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Our pet heating pad, while giving your pet warm and comfortable environment, bite resistance and waterproof characteristics can also ensure the safety of your pet.

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Silicone rubber pet heating pads are mainly composed of nickel-chromium alloy etched heating pads and high-pressure waterproof pure silica gel. The built-in chip can accurately control the temperature within the required range. Make sure the heating pad works safely. The thickness of this product is 5mm, which provides a comfortable habitat for pets. The pure silicone material is resistant to pet bites and avoids electric shock damage. At the same time, it can be directly washed with a high-pressure water gun, which is convenient and quick. In addition, it also has the advantages of uniform temperature, high thermal efficiency, good toughness, pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, convenient use, safety, waterproof and anti-aging, and has a life span of more than three years.

1. The heating sheet can be processed in various shapes, such as circle, triangle, guide shape, etc. It can also be designed as needed.

The heating plate is evenly distributed on the silicone rubber insulating layer by alloy resistance wires, and the shape can be freely customized, and it cannot be cut after the production is completed. Size requirements: length (mm) * width (mm), the default thickness is 5mm, high power or special needs can be thickened according to customer needs.

2. Use voltage: 380V, 220V, 110V, 36V. . . etc., the larger size uses high pressure, and the small size uses low pressure, which can be customized according to customer needs.

3. Power: designed according to customer requirements.

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