3D printer heater

silicone rubber 3D printer heating pad, low power, high temperature, uniform heat transfer, long service life, thermal efficiency conversion.Easy to install with adhesive.The heating pad is made of silicone, which is soft and elastic.Reliable power protection.

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The 3D printing hot bed heater is used to prevent the object from warping during printing. The raw materials used now are ABS and PLA. Due to thermal expansion and cold contraction, the printed object will be warped. Using a hot bed can prevent warping. The 3D printing hot bed heater is mainly composed of nickel-chromium alloy etched heating sheet or nickel-chromium alloy heating wire and silicon rubber high-temperature insulating cloth. It has fast heating, uniform temperature, high thermal efficiency, good toughness, pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, It is easy to use, safe, waterproof, and has an aging life of more than five years.

The heating plate can be processed in various shapes, such as circle, triangle, guide shape and so on. It can also be designed as needed.


The heating plate is evenly distributed on the silicone rubber insulating layer by alloy resistance wires, and the shape can be freely customized, and it cannot be cut after the production is completed. Sizee requirments: length (mm) * width (mm), the default thickness is 1.6mm, if there are special needs, the insulation layer can be thickened according to customer needs.


Using voltage: 380V, 220V, 110V, 36V, 24V, 12V, etc., the larger size uses high voltage, and the small size uses low voltage, which can be customized according to customer needs.

Power: designed according to customer requirements.

Installation options: screw holes can be opened, 3M double-sided tape, snap buckles, or glued in our factory.

High temperature resistance of insulating material: 250

High operating temperature: 200

Insulation resistance: 100 MΩ

Compressive strength: 1500v/1min

Power deviation: ±5 %

Withstand voltage: > 2500v


Temperature control:

1. Knob-type temperature, commonly used temperature range is 0-120 degrees, 30-150 degrees, 50-200 degrees, the temperature can be adjusted, the heating plate can be installed at any position, and the thermal probe can also be installed on the heating plate, the thermostat Installed on the lead wire. The temperature control accuracy of the knob type thermostat is not high, and it is suitable for use in places where the temperature control accuracy is not very high.

2. The built-in constant temperature temperature switch can choose the constant temperature at will, such as 30 degrees, 35 degrees, 40 degrees, 45 degrees, etc. It is not adjustable, and the heating plate can be installed at any position. not very high place

3. Digital display temperature control, the maximum temperature control range is -20+200 degrees, intelligent digital display, can maintain a certain temperature, and can also maintain a certain temperature range, the temperature can be adjusted, the heating plate can be installed at any position, or it can be led Two wires are attached externally, and the control precision is high, which is suitable for places that require high temperature control precision.

4. Thermal probes can be pre-installed on the heating plate according to customer requirements. The probes are PT-100, NTC, K type, J type, etc. The probe type and installation method can be customized according to customer requirements.

1 HS Code851680000

2 Sample Lead Time: 3-5 days

3 Bulk Lead Time:≤ 1000pcs——Around 7 days

                5000pcs——Around 15 days

                10000pcs——Around 20 days

                50000 pcs—— Around 25 days

4 MOQ1 pc


6 Payment Terms: TT / Paypal/ L/C /

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