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We are a professional supplier of silicone rubber heater, PI heating film. Products are widely used in new energy lithium batteries, petrochemicals, medical equipment, high-voltage power grids, daily civil and other industries.

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The epoxy resin heating plate is mainly composed of an alloy circuit board and a glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin plate at high temperature. It has the advantages of fast heating, uniform temperature, high thermal efficiency, high strength, high and low temperature resistance, convenient use and long life. Not easy to age and so on.

The epoxy resin heating plate has stable mechanical and physical properties at medium temperature, stable electrical properties at high temperature, good dielectric and moisture resistance, high insulation performance, large structure and good sealing performance. Can be widely used in machinery, electrical appliances, electronics and medical fields.

Can be made as requirement

Installation method:

1. Strong resistance to high and low temperature double-sided adhesive pressure adhesion, such as: 3M PSA

2. Drilling bolts for screw fixation

3. Aluminum plate with cover clamp

1 HS Code851680000

2 Sample Lead Time: 3-5 days

3 Bulk Lead Time

     ≤ 1000pcs——Around 7 days

     ≤ 5000pcs——Around 15 days

     ≤ 10000pcs——Around 20 days

     ≥ 50000 pcs—— Around 25 days

4 MOQ1 pc


6 Payment Terms: TT / Paypal/ L/C

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